Child Protection Course For Educators and Parents

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Everything you need to know about safeguarding, abuse and how to create safe environment for your students or children while saving your school from litigation or your home from the embarrassment of having abuse happen right under your nose without knowing it.

For Whom:

Educators, School Owners, Head of School, Teachers and Parents.

What you will Learn:

  1. The basic concept of safeguarding and child protection.
  2. The categories, signs and indicators of abuse and neglect.
  3. Knowing how to respond appropriately to concerns about the safety of children in schools and at home.
  4. Identify the correct procedures for reporting a concern, know who to report to and how to.
  5. Identify ways that schools and home can create a safe environment for children.
  6. Best strategies to help children equip themselves against abuse.
  7. School will learn how to build their own customized Child Protection Policy.

1 review for Child Protection Course For Educators and Parents

  1. Eduadmin

    Amazing course!

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