Financial Intelligence

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What you need to know about Financial Intelligence.

For Whom:

Undergraduates, Working Class, and anyone that wants to understand how money works and the best practices.

What you will Learn:

1. The Mindset For Financial Independence.
2. Needs Vs Want – Understanding the Basic Principles.
3. Marshmallow Test – How to Soar Using Delayed Gratification.
4. Introduction to Savings and the Savings Mindset.
5. Track Your Spending and Plan ahead.
6. People Aspects of Financial Intelligence.
7. Self Discipline – Savings as a Culture.
8. Remain Focused.
9. Introduction to Investment.
10. Perseverance – When the Going Gets Tough.
11. When Reinvesting, be Steadfast.
12. Hang Around Ambitious People to Remain Consistent.
13. Remember, Save First.

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